If the key word ‘Bavaria’ makes you think of Oktoberfest, lederhosen, massive steins and roast pork … then you’ve almost got it – but not quite. Beer festival clichés by their nature are overdrawn and magnify what seems exotic, when in truth a highly authentic and multifaceted tradition of outdoor festivals lies at the heart of the phenomenon. Forest festivals have been a stomping ground for young and old, a trysting place and summer highlight for hundreds of years, reaching back to pre-Christian rites. Today, they present the best of ancient customs including May poles, traditional dress, show booths and delicatessen from grilled fish to giant pretzels in a way that speaks to all generations, to families, couples, teenagers, after work party goers and senior citizens. They are a piece of old Bavaria and a hip ‘see and be seen’ hang-out all at once.


Subtle luxury and contemporary elegance with a large splash of bavarian wholeheartedness, blend with the versatility of a grand hotel and the intimacy of a boutique hotel. That is the wellness Hotel Bachmair Weissach at the Tegernsee. A place that enchants with its relaxed chic and inspires to soothe your senses, enjoy, celebrate and meet. Located in close vicinity to lake Tegernsee and your individual wishes.

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