Stuttgart- The automotive city

When thinking of Stuttgart, of course Porsche and Mercedes-Benz come to people’s mind first. But Stuttgart is not only worth a visit because of the museums related to the car industry. Stuttgart has a lot more to offer. But a visit of the famous Porsche and Mercedes -Benz Museum are nevertheless a must, not only for car enthusiasts.

Both museums show in architecturally interesting buildings the fascinating automotive history. At the Mercedes – Benz Museum 160 vehicles and over 1.500 exhibits are being presented on an area covering 16.500 quare metres on nine levels. In the Legend rooms you get to know the history of the Mercedes- Benz brand, the Collection rooms offer a thematic presentation of the wealth and diversity of vehicles made by the brand.
The Porsche Museum presents around 80 vehicles and many smaller exhibits. In addition to famous automotive icons such as the 356, 550, 911 and 917, technical masterpieces by Professor Ferdinand Porsche from the early days of the 20th century are also on display. Many of the exhibits are being changed on a regular basis to give the exhibition a more dynamic feel and as 90 percent of the exhibited vehicles are still in good drivable conditions they are ofteh taken out of the exhibition and used as some kind of “mobile museum” at historical race events.
Right in the heart of the city and just a stone throw away from the shopping street Königstrasse lies the New Castle. The cornerstone for this baroque residence castle was laid on 3 September 1746. After its destruction in 1944, it was reconstructed from 1958 to 1964 and is nowadays home of the ministries of the Baden- Württemberg state government and representation rooms.
For those interested in shopping, they will find lots of different specialist shops, department stores, cafés and restaurants along Königstrasse and the smaller streets to the right and left, such as Eberhadstrasse or the stylish Calwer Strasse.
Or why not stroll through Stuttgart’s Market Hall – behind the heavy entrance doors of this grand art nouveau building local and international products are nicely arranged and on offer at more than 30 stalls. Let yourself be inspired by the different smells and tastes. 

Michael’s recommendations

I have the pleasure to visit Stuttgart quite often to visit my brother and I am happy to have the chance to be here so often. Stuttgart is the home of famous Mercedes, Porsche and other leading international technical companies. Of course these companies attract a lof of international clients and employees but strange enough Stuttgart keeps a small-town atmosphere.

Stuttgart itself and the region is quite rich but people tend to hide the money. Of course, they drive expensive Mercedes and Porsche cars but this is officially marked as spending money for quality.

Downtown is easy to walk and absolutely safe. Especially here keep in mind: The Germans will patiently wait at a pedestrian crossing, even when no traffic is coming, until the “green man” comes on.

If your travel dates are flexible I would recommend to come during the Cannstatter Wasen in late September-early October. Canstatter Wasen is the second largest fun fair in the world and has some nice beer tents like the Oktoberfest. Visiting it is very pleasant, because tents are not so overcrowded. 

Restaurant Recommendations

The restaurant ‘Zirbelstube’ has been well known for more than 20 years to offer greatest hospitality, a cozy atmosphere and a Michelin star cuisine.
Original wood paneled walls harmoniously combined with a large selection of modern art create a warm and comfortable dining room, one of the most beautiful ones in Stuttgart.

Michelin stared chef Nico Burkhardt serves French- inspired cuisine in an elegant atmosphere. Enjoy selected culinary creations whose careful composition delights the senses.

Chef Andreas Hettinger has a classic Mediterranean style of cooking with modern influences. Enjoy the creative dishes  in a cozy and chic atmosphere in the small restaurant being situated in a vault.

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