Cologne Tours

Dynamic Cologne in the Fifties

The guided walking tour is all about rebuilding Cologne after the 2nd world war, the sensitive handling of the city’s history and mainly focusing on the often unrecognized elegance of the architecture in the fifties.

If available the town hall or the famous “Guerzenich” will be visited inside. (The “Guerzenich” is a building dated back to the 15th century, which has been costly and harmoniously rebuilt after the war. Its stairways, balustrade and elegant lamps are worth to see.) Furthermore the “new” town hall, the Domforum and the “Blau-Gold Haus will be seen and explained. Also St. Johann Baptist church, which was renovated in the style of the fifties and is located close to the hotel, will be included.

Chocolate Museum Cologne

The Cologne Chocolate Museum was founded and financed in 1993 by Dr. Hans Imhoff, the former Chairman of the Board for the traditional Cologne company Stollwerck. It is today an independent museum, unique in its form, which provides an exciting insight into numerous aspects of history and modern times of chocolate and cocoa.

Situated on the Rheinauhafen peninsula on the left banks of the Rhine directly in front of the Old Town near to Cologne cathedral, the Chocolate Museum seems a futuristic ship, made of glass and aluminium. Visitors reach the museum from the Rhine promenade over an old revolving bridge. Guided tour at the Chocolate Museum (duration 1 hour)
During the tour you will learn all about the procedure from a raw cacao bean to a chocolate bar, you will hear about cacao – its way from the cult beverage of the Maya to a beverage for everybody and you will see the nowadays industrial production of chocolate bars, chocolate figures and pralines.

Cologne Brewery Tour

Kölsch es e Jeföhl (Cologne dialect for “Our way of live is a feeling“)

“A tasty Kölsch, Cologne’s beer freshly tabbed & accompanied by a funny story“ – this slogan guides the brewery tour, which intends to give an insight into the secrets of the „Kölsch-culture”.

Kölsch by far is not just a pale, highly attenuated, strongly hopped, polished top-fermented beer. More importantly it is at the same time the local dialect and a way of live. You will be tasting different types of Kölsch in three different breweries. While drinking from the slim Kölsch beer glasses you will get to know why one calls the waiters „Köbes“ and how carnival and Kölsch go so well together. The breweries reflect the typical way of live and mentality of the oldest city located at the banks of the River Rhine. You will experience this rustically authentic feeling in the breweries. You will be hearing short anecdotes why Kölsch makes people superb, smart, slim and healthy. In a humorous way you will see the connections between Kölsch and a Bordeaux wine. And, who knows – maybe you will find your favourite Kölsch on the way.

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