Luebeck – Private Walking Tour

Luebeck – Private Walking Tour (2 hrs)

Luebeck is a unique and wonderful city. This is why UNESCO declared the existing cityscape to be a World Cultural Heritage Site in 1987. The water-enclosed Old Town with its roughly 1,800 listed buildings, historical alleyways and crisscrossed lanes is not just pretty to the eye, but is also the hub of an extremely lively, major city with roughly 214,000 inhabitants.

Formerly known as Free Hanseatic City, an independent state, Luebeck is now, in terms of size, the largest city in the region of Schleswig Holstein and claims for itself the title of the cultural capital of the north.

Founded by Adolf von Schauenburg in 1143 and reinvigorated by Henry Lionheart in 1157, Emperor Frederick 11 declared Luebeck a directly subordinate city as early as 1226. Luebeck grew powerful and prosperous as the center of medieval city states, which dominated trading in the North and Baltic Seas. At this time, Luebeck was Germany’s second largest city, trailing only Cologne. Get to know this interesting city during a 2 hours walking tour with your private guide.

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